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Michael Bastian Wants Hairy Models for His Fashion Show

At spring 2011 Paris Men’s Fashion Week, we saw a serious spike in the amount of hair on the runway. Beards were most definitely out, about, and growing wildly. Will that trend take at New York Fashion Week next week (!!) as well? Michael Bastian, who has an eye for the hottest male models in the business, suggests as much.

You have the most beautiful models in the industry. How do you do it?
“We haven’t even started our casting yet. We see a thousand guys to get 30 guys—we see every guy in New York.”

What’s the look you’re going for this season?
“Hairy, I don’t wanna see any waxed chests, any waxed legs. Hairy—would love some facial hair…tough. We’re looking for Navy S.E.A.L.S. this time.

It’s too soon to start speculating whether the preppy trend is finally on the way out, but it sounds like it’s finally time for the boys on the casting circuit to break out the hairy heavage. One wonders what so many male models — who seem to revel in their hairlessness — will do if they have to be hairy to get work all of a sudden. Rogaine Pour Le Corps?

Michael Bastian On Waxed Chests, Hairy Models, And Miss Universe [Refinery 29]

Michael Bastian Wants Hairy Models for His Fashion Show