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Real Housewife of New York Alex McCord to Walk Five Fashion Shows

Of all reality stars, there are few whose love of fashion is as well documented as The Real Housewives of New York’s Alex McCord and her husband, Simon van Kempen. Simon seems to enjoy no greater thrills than watching his wife twirl in Cavalli gown after Cavalli gown on a shopping trip or sourcing fine jewelry directly from a showroom. Alex has put on — and modeled in — a fashion show in Brooklyn, and is perfectly comfortable with the knowledge that her husband would probably be in DIY heaven given a pair of red PVC pants, a can of paint, and a Bedazzler. And they are making good on the opportunities afforded by New York Fashion Week — opportunities you may not have even known existed. Last night at Glamour’s party to welcome Anne Christensen as fashion director, McCord told us she’ll walk five shows this season, including Susan Cianciolo, Project Runway alum Malan Breton, and three others she can’t remember. We spoke to McCord, a new addition to New York Model Management’s celebrity board, about her burgeoning side job.

How did this happen?
There are these girls out there who are 15, but there’s definitely room for women who are not 15 … like me.

Have you been practicing your walk?
Yes! I worked with an amazing coach, Mac, and he came to my house and we walked up and down the hallways, scaring the cat and scaring my housekeeper.

What did he teach you?
He was hard-core. He taught me thinking of a string above my head. He taught me about leading with my hips, and keeping everything still, with nothing moving except my feet. The only tough thing for me was relaxing my face. The last thing I’d want to do is make a face like Ramona on last season’s Housewives. I got it down eventually.

So what’s next?
I went for fittings today, and I don’t think they were quite prepared for how tall and skinny I am. They saw me and they were gonna ask how I wanted my hair and makeup, and they said, “We’re gonna put you in the show look,” and I was like, “Yes, put me in the show look!” and they said they would because I looked like a model. Their words, not mine.

That’s pretty legit.
Hopefully I won’t fall off the runway. But if I do, at least that’ll be good press for the designer.

Real Housewife of New York Alex McCord to Walk Five Fashion Shows