The Nike Store in Soho Is Closed to Treat a Bedbug Problem [Updated]

The 57th Street Nike store is still closed after shuttering over the weekend to treat a bedbug infestation, and last night the Nike store in Soho closed, too. We stopped by the store this morning, the windows of which are papered over to hide the embarrassing extermination process, and were pleasantly surprised to find a sign that informs the general public that they have a problem. When it comes to bedbugs, this not an easy thing for retailers to do, so bravo, Nike! The sign reads:

Nike has proactively closed 21 Mercer because of a discovery of bedbugs at the store. Our primary concern is the well being of our consumers and sales associates. We are taking all proper steps to eradicate the problem and we expect the store to reopen shortly.

We apologize for any inconvenience and for more information please call 1-888-224-6453.

Now this is the proper, good way to handle a bedbug attack on a retail establishment. Unlike Abercrombie and Hollister, who never used signage to inform shoppers of their bedbug problems, and just thrust the half-naked people back into the doorway as soon as they could as though to flaunt their bite-free flesh. Of course Nike’s sign still fails to answer the Big Questions here, such as where their bugs came from. If the vermin are holding court in a Nike warehouse somewhere, that would be a terrifying prospect.

Update: A Nike rep informs us that the Niketown on 57th Street reopened today. So for all your Nike needs go there while Soho gets treated.

The Nike Store in Soho Is Closed to Treat a Bedbug Problem [Updated]