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Ungaro Foreshadowing; Jersey Shore’s Sammi Wants a Clothing Line

• Expect to see “daisies, black lace, a palette of pastels and the emphasis on suiting with only a smattering of eveningwear” in Giles Deacon’s first collection for Ungaro. [Grazia UK]

• Jezebel dug up some facts on Vladimir Potanin, the Russian billionaire who reportedly bought Ford Models. For instance, he once paid George Michael $4 million to play at his birthday party. [Jezebel]

Tommy Hilfiger auctioned off 500 antiques and artworks on Sunday, raising $400,000 to put toward decorating his new 15,000-square-foot home in Greenwich, Connecticut. [WWD]

• Sammi from Jersey Shore wants to design a line of clothing and hair extensions. [Fashionista]

• Just one day after JCPenney revealed plans to open new stores, Kohl’s announced that it will open 21 new stores in fifteen states. Both chains are shifting their emphasis more toward fashion. [WWD]

• The House passed a bill yesterday that would let the U.S. Commerce Department crack down on China’s alleged undervalued currency by imposing tariffs on imports, thereby making “Made in China” items less cheap and evening out the competitive disadvantage that has led to U.S. job losses. [WWD]

Lanvin launched an e-commerce site, which stocks women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. [Racked]

• A new U.K. magazine, Just as Beautiful, will only use models between a U.K. size 14 and 20 and won’t feature dieting tips. [Daily Mail UK]

Naomi Campbell doesn’t like being called a role model. [Vogue UK]

Update: A source tells us that Vladimir Potanin did not, in fact, buy Ford Models; the agency was acquired by Altpoint Capital Partners three years ago.

Ungaro Foreshadowing; Jersey Shore’s Sammi Wants a Clothing Line