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You Have to Be Invited to Watch Bottega Veneta’s Livestream

Cathy Horyn thought Burberry’s rush to sell the items in their spring 2011 show immediately after walking the runway gave the collection a bad taste. But, no matter, Bottega Veneta will do it, too — but only for select people. The label has figured out a way to use the fashion world’s new favorite Internet technologies while stripping them of the things that many think make them so great. Like, making the masses feel included? Turning the snooty aura of runway shows into something that feels much more democratic? That’s not Bottega’s “thing” this season. Their show will livestream online on Saturday, but only select people invited by Bottega will be able to watch it and then buy the clothes afterward.

Bottega announced these plans in an e-mail sent out this morning:

For the first time, Bottega Veneta is offering a livestream of its spring runway show to top customers globally. The livestream presentation of the Spring-Summer 2011 runway show, to be held on Saturday, September 25th, at 9:30 in the morning, will be available by invitation only. The special presentation is being offered as a service to top customers. For invited guests unable to travel to Milan, the livestream ensures they will not miss the show. For others, it’s an opportunity to see the collection as it premieres, in a virtual front-row seat within the serene and sophisticated world of bottegaveneta.com.

The experience extends beyond the livestream presentation. Guests who view the show will have the opportunity to reserve Spring 2011 merchandise immediately by consulting with a Bottega Veneta personal shopper. When the merchandise arrives in store, customers will be contacted to arrange a fitting or can choose to have their purchases sent to them directly. Guests invited to watch the livestream will also receive a digital lookbook directly following the show.

Too bad you’re not invited! You’ll just have to find something else to do at 3:30 a.m. EST on Saturday when the show walks. And if any of you want to watch us stumble home drunk at that same time, we’ll be sending out personal invites on toilet paper by pigeon carrier.

You Have to Be Invited to Watch Bottega Veneta’s Livestream