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And So the Rachel Zoe Pregnancy Rumors Begin

Is it any wonder that a little over a day after Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski announced they were splitting up, a rumor that Rachel is pregnant springs up to divert attention? OK! has a source that says Rachel is finally with child — three months along, in fact — and plans to take maternity leave after the Oscars.

“Rachel never really told anyone close to her that she and her husband Roger [sic] were trying for a baby, and because of her ultra-skinny figure and habits as a workaholic it was the last thing on anyone’s mind.”

“Rachel even requests that clients don’t bring their children to fittings at her studio, so there’s never been any real clue that this is something she was longing for, a source adds. “But now that she’s pregnant, she’s telling people that this is something that she and Roger [sic] have wanted for many years and she’s finally at a level of success where she can afford to take some time off.”

“She’s going to be going on maternity leave from full time styling immediately after this year’s Academy Awards, and doesn’t expect to work again until early fall at the earliest. She and Rodger are especially happy and Rachel, who can normally be quite emotionless, even teared up a few times as she started letting people in on the news.”

Team Zoe hasn’t confirmed the rumor, so it’s still very much that at this point. It’s also suspicious because the timing couldn’t be more perfect: This is the first week after the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, so it’s one way to inject that extra bit of Zoe back into Middle America’s lives. Also, it distracts from the rumors that Rachel split with Brad because of a clash of egos. Whether planted or not, the rumor also gives Rachel ample time to work up some sort of merchandising deal for Zoe-branded baby things.

Source: Rachel Zoe is Pregnant [OK!]

And So the Rachel Zoe Pregnancy Rumors Begin