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Anna Dello Russo Wants to Make a Music Album

You would have good reason to worry that Anna Dello Russo’s forthcoming fragrance, which is called Beyond and will come in a jewel-encrusted golden shoe, would be exorbitantly expensive. The woman does rent an extra apartment to house her wardrobe and 4,000 pairs of shoes, after all. But good news! The perfume will be sold online through Italian e-tailer Yoox in December and cost a relatively wallet-friendly $25. Also, the slipper-shaped bottle will feature a loop on the heel, so it doubles as a Christmas-tree ornament — really, it’s two things in one. Leave it to Anna to help us conserve space in our closets.

Dello Russo says she wanted her scent to be for hoi polloi because she remembers the days when she was just a lowly no-name scrabbling up the fashion-industry ladder: “For 20 years no one noticed me — I worked like Cinderella at the bottom of the pile. Finally I’ve been invited to the ball,” she told WWD. Also, she wanted it to be “pop”: “My fragrance is a gadget; it’s a mass-market toy.”

And speaking of pop, she apparently wants to record an album next, simply because no one would expect her to. “Everyone expects me to do a clothes line. It’s too obvious. I want to do the opposite.” Well! This should be interesting, if for no other reason than that her performance outfits will be awesome.

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Anna Dello Russo Wants to Make a Music Album