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Behold: Mariah Carey’s Furry Boots and Sparkly Necklaces for HSN

HSN announced a while back that Mariah Carey had designed a full lifestyle line for them, which will include quilted fur-trimmed boots, sparkly butterfly necklaces, and a new edition of her Luscious Pink fragrance, and she’ll launch on HSN on November 29 (Cyber Monday, folks). Of course, she’s not nervous about shilling her stuff on TV in the least, she told WWD, because her shoes are already TV stars: “[People] say, ‘I love your shoe closet. I saw it in Architectural Digest, on Cribs. I saw it on Oprah or Barbara Walters,” she said. Also, why should she be nervous about an “extracurricular activity”?

If I take it so seriously, and say, ‘Oh my god, It’s a Shakespearean moment,’ it’s not going to be fun. I am looking at it as something fun. This is an extracurricular activity for me and I am looking forward to it. It’s another creative outlet for me.

But if anything highlighted her media expertise the most, it was the way she shut down questions about her fashion mistakes: “If I highlight those moments, you will feature them, darling,” she said. “You get photographed everywhere … You look at it one day, and it’s gone the next, or they can dwell on it for a week. Within a couple of days, there is somebody else doing something in the world that is a little more interesting than a bad outfit.”

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Behold: Mariah Carey’s Furry Boots and Sparkly Necklaces for HSN