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Chris March Is Getting His Own Bravo Show

Bravo has found that they “make [their] own celebrities,” according to network president Francis Berwick. Once their chicks hatch, they must learn to use their wings, often in windowless workrooms and kitchens where they also battle the annoyance of a dozen or so other crazies in order to maintain their own sanity, and hopefully a shred of integrity, too. After a series of sometimes inhumane exercises the stars emerge and fly solo into new ventures. After Project Runway, Christian Siriano launched his own label, a Payless line, designed a Starbucks gift card, and even lent his keen art eye to a cleaning sponge. Somewhere in the mix Bravo gave him a one-hour spinoff special, but not his own series. Yet in plucking their archive of chicks for another Runway spinoff — a series, not just a one-episode special — Bravo targeted Siriano’s same season, but is giving the star spot to Chris March.

The Hollywood Reporter informs:

The show will follow the former “Project Runway” contestant and his crew of fashion misfits as they create a one-of-a-kind design for a loyal clientele that includes Madonna and Meryl Streep. Matt Westmore Media and No Regrets Entertainment produce.

March, a sometime drag queen, is perfect for a Bravo series. While Siriano and other Runway alums are talented, March’s work is sparklier and bustier. He also enjoyed the thrill of molding Beyoncé’s epic Theirry Mugler corsets to her body with hot plastic, which has to be a longtime dream of at least 90 percent of the people who watch Bravo regularly. Also, all that human hair that seemed so strange in his designs when he was on Runway now feels so much more normal to the kind of people who stare at fashion and Lady Gaga online all day every day. It’s also quite possible those people are just sick in the head, but still! This man is forward-thinking. Mazel to him.

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Chris March Is Getting His Own Bravo Show