Christina Hendricks Continues to Defend That Christian Siriano Dress


Cathy Horyn wrote on her blog of Christina Hendricks’s infamous Golden Globes dress designed by Christian Siriano, “As one stylist said, ‘You don’t put a big girl in a big dress. That’s rule number one.’” The article also ran next to a photo of Hendricks in the dress that was distorted — accidentally so, according to the Times. And here we are almost nine months post-dress, with a few award shows having happened since Hendricks’s sartorial “roadside-diner peach melba,” as André Leon Talley described it. And the fashion press still can’t stop talking about it. Harper’s Bazaar asked Hendricks, their November cover girl, about Horyn’s post.

“To say something like that and put it next to a distorted picture discredits you entirely,” Christina says. “And it hurt my feelings. I thought that dress was stunning. I stand by that dress to this day. I had just gotten back from my honeymoon, and I felt beautiful in those pictures. I was smiling and beaming, and I felt like a goddess. It’s a celebration, and I’m here because the show I work on is being recognized as excellent work. And you’re going to tell everyone in the world that I was wearing a shitty dress? Let me go to a party and wear my pretty dress!”

It’s not that the fashion press won’t let her — it’s that they have to judge her.


Christina Hendricks Continues to Defend That Christian Siriano Dress