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Cynthia Rowley, Joe Zee, and Rachel Zoe Will Be on ‘Gossip Girl’ Next Week; Judith Leiber Is Making Bridal Handbags

Cynthia Rowley, Joe Zee, and Rachel Zoe are all making cameos on next week’s episode of Gossip Girl. [Fashionista]

• Judith Leiber is introducing a line of bridal handbags. [WWD]

• Kelly Cutrone thinks being on a reality show went to her assistant Andrew Mukamal’s head. “He cared more about being a TV personality than being my assistant,” she said. Cutrone also claimed that Mukamal was handing out photos of himself standing in front of a People’s Revolution logo. [Page Six/NYP]

• The China Tourism Academy estimates Chinese tourists spend about $700 an hour while shopping in Paris. [WWD]

Stella McCartney is collaborating with Target in Australia for the second time on a clothing line that came out on Monday. [WWD]

Coco Rocha tweeted a photo of British Elle’s 25th-anniversary prototype cover. [Catwalk Queen]

• Garance Doré blogged about how she found her calling: “I met Émilie over tea with some friends. The second she told me she was an illustrator, I think I just about fell out of my chair.” [Garance Doré]

Stella McCartney’s kids have some influence over the children’s line she designs. “The kids are involved just by the mere fact that they are the most important things in my life, so are present in my brain at all times. Their likes and dislikes creep in, and sometimes I have to be careful of that, as my daughter is 3 and deep in the pink thing and I have to remind myself she will probably hate it in six months!” [T Magazine/NYT]

Lula editor-in-chief Leith Clark thinks most fashion magazines try too hard. “I felt that fashion magazines are about women looking at women, but there seems to be this imaginary man in the room. It’s so sexualized. I don’t fully get that. I made a magazine of women looking at women, without that competitiveness and that hard edge that we think we need as we get older. I think it should be … trying less hard. Lula is about going back to why we liked fashion in the first place and that really starts when you’re a kid, with Halloween and ballet recitals. I was quite shy as a kid. I went to a strict ballet school and I worked well under that discipline, but when I had to perform and be free, that was hard. Then they gave me a bluebird costume, and I was fearless. I could do it. I learned really young how clothes can make you feel, how you can liberate yourself with them.” [Dazed Digital]

Cynthia Rowley, Joe Zee, and Rachel Zoe Will Be on ‘Gossip Girl’ Next Week; Judith Leiber Is Making Bridal Handbags