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Daphne Guinness Is, Allegedly, a Very Irresponsible Bather

Not because she doesn’t bathe, but because she’ll turn her tub on and then forget about it, according a lawsuit lobbed against her by the people who live beneath her. Pardus Capital president Karim Samii and his wife, Tina, allege that Guinness has flooded their $12 million apartment from her $15 million apartment by taking aggressive baths on more than one occasion. Guinness moved into the Fifth Avenue building situated across from the Met in 2008 and has flooded the Samiis’ apartment four times since — twice a year! — according to the suit.

The Samiis want “in excess of $1 million” for repairs and “mental anguish.”

The first bath brouhaha took place last Halloween, when the Samiis found “water leaking from the ceiling of their master bedroom to the floor.”

The Samiis called the super “and Ms. Guinness’ assistant told him that Ms. Guinness had just taken a bath,” the suit claims.

On May 9, the Samiis again saw water raining down. When the super investigated, he found Guinness “in the kitchen talking on the phone” while the tub overflowed.

Guinness supposedly told the super of the building that she had turned on the tub and forgotten about it. See what kind of apartment $12 or $15 million buys you in New York? One with the same problems as all the people of average means with crappy studios in Brooklyn. Only they don’t get to sue for “mental anguish.”

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Daphne Guinness Is, Allegedly, a Very Irresponsible Bather