Garance Doré and Boyfriend Scott Schuman Blog in Totally Different Ways

Style-blogging power couple Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, who recently entered the realm of commercial fame as two of Us Weekly’s most stylish New Yorkers (woo!), may both shoot models and editors and other fashion people rocking their clothes on the streets without looking like they even tried to rock their clothes. During Fashion Week they’ll pop into the shows and shoot how hard the clothes can rock on the runways, too. Sometimes it’s a wide angle, sometimes a tight angle — a shoe here, a crazy glitter watermelon hat there. But all these street-style blogs are not the same even though the bloggers go to the same shows and photograph the same editors and find similar sorts of adorable — yet accidentally chic! — human moments between lady pairs.

Reports Derek Blasberg for Harper’s Bazaar:

If Doré is first generation, Schuman is the style-blog godfather. In fact, Doré has been dating Schuman for two years and says he is “almost like my editor in chief.”

Even though the bloggers are all pointing their cameras in the relative same direction, the outcomes are different, she maintains. “We all shoot things in different ways,” she insists. “But if both Scott and I have a good picture of the same girl, we’ll both post it. We share some readers, and some readers aren’t the same.”

So their relationship is like working together without actually working together, in one never-ending date revolving around picking out clothes that look good and spotting people who know (or think they know) how to wear unexpected things like man skirts and carpet ponchos. You can’t do that with many straights these days.


Garance Doré and Boyfriend Scott Schuman Blog in Totally Different Ways