If Nothing Else Matches Rihanna’s Hair, the Miu Miu Show Did

One good thing about Rihanna’s red-cotton candy hair is that even if she’s wearing a bad outfit, the hair will be more striking than her clothes. Another good thing about it is that it’s so bright you could spot her on the street from the top of the Chrysler building, which makes the paparazzi’s job easier. WWD reports it also looked perfectly at home — and how often does that happen? — on the front row of the Miu Miu show:

There was no missing Rihanna — her hair a bright, artificial red — in the front row at Miu Miu, a beacon for photographers and a fitting mascot for the bold and fun collection Miuccia Prada presented at the tail end of Paris Fashion Week. “Loud” is the title of Rihanna’s new album, and you could say the same about the searing colors and the Biff! Bam! Pow! motifs — mostly stars and lightning bolts, along with the odd swan — that jolted unapologetically pretty dresses.

So her hair has turned her into a fashion mascot!

In fact there were lots of parallels between Rihanna and the clothes, if you see things WWD’s way. She’s a star, the clothes had stars; she’s kind of a swan, in the poetic sense, depending on how much you love “Only Girl in the World” (have no shame — it’s addictive).

Cathy Horyn doesn’t directly relate the collection to Rihanna, but calls it “a cross between an Art Nouveau pot and a rodeo outfit” that reminded her “of the attitude, if not the style, of a television talent show.” And you know who probably did a talent show or two in her heyday? Rihanna. Anyway, the important takeaway here is that this collection is all about divas, stars, and swans — three of the best things in the world — and was critically acclaimed without being slutty. Horyn saw “wholesomeness” in the dresses. So out with the v-cleavage, in with the metaphorical bang. What a great way to end the season, even where pleats are involved.

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If Nothing Else Matches Rihanna’s Hair, the Miu Miu Show Did