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Justin Bieber Threatens to Shave His Head in an Interview About His Forthcoming Scented Dog Tags

We know what Justin Bieber in nail-polish form looks like (glittery!), but there’s that nagging matter of what Justin Bieber in fragrance form smells like, which is just as important as how you must go about smelling it. Bieber has signed a fragrance deal with new company Etoile Nation Beauty, but rather than make a juice, as they say in the fragrance business, the scent will come on wristbands and dog tags that you can buy at Wal-Mart in time for holiday gifting for all your best friends. WWD is already comparing them to the rubber phenomenon that is Silly Bandz :

The fragrance collection includes four designs: Icon, Energy, Tour and Web. They are priced at $10 each, and are meant to encourage girls — and boys — “to stack, mix and match, trade and take the scent on the go,” said Ferrara. “Fragrance will be as simple as switching from one dog tag to another.”

This is a huge account for Etoile, which just formed this fall. Executives declined to provide sales projections, but industry experts estimate the deal could catapult the company’s revenue to $75 million in its first year.

However, the most interesting thing to come of Bieber’s interview with WWD about the project, conducted over IM in the most innovative of fashions, is this:

While Bieber, a Canadian native, wouldn’t talk about the rap [he wrote about Tom Brady’s hair ‘do], he describes his manicured mop as “a Canadian hockey thing.”

Styling is easy: shampoo, condition, blow dry, a shake of the head and “no product.”

But all those fans who covet every follicle of his mane should be warned: Bieber isn’t married to his signature look. “I’ve cut this style different ways, but I was thinking about shaving it off or changing it. But I know now isn’t the right time. Maybe [for my] next album.”

But if he does that, who will the world compare Tom Brady’s haircut to? A girl, we guess.

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Justin Bieber Threatens to Shave His Head in an Interview About His Forthcoming Scented Dog Tags