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JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Shut Down

What’s the longest anyone on Jersey Shore has paid attention to something? Minutes? Maybe an hour? The only way they could all possibly get along as well as they do is if they didn’t pay attention to arguments and random overpowering stenches of vomit for more than a few moments. This may be the reason for the demise of JWOWW’s clothing line, Filthy Couture, the e-shop for which just abruptly shuttered. A friend of JWOWW blames “trademark issues,” adding, “Money needed to be returned to the people who had ordered clothing.” Sounds embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as being on a show with people who pick up used maxi pads and put them under bed pillows.

Radar reports:

“She couldn’t handle the clothing line and didn’t really have the help she needed,” explained her friend.

According to another source another clothing line with a similar name threatened a lawsuit and Filthy Couture shut down immediately.

“She could have given her line a new name but instead just let it go. She’s no longer designing clothes for her line and I’m not sure if she’ll ever do it again.”

There are quite a few losers in this situation: JWOWW’s varied and many artistic skills, which stand to be woefully stifled, and everyone who needed an easy Slutoween costume. But who on earth could be suing her over this name? Is it this Filthy Rock Couture thing with barely a MySpace page? Anyone know of a Filthy Couture competitor? If you do we’ll be mightily impressed.

EXCLUSIVE: J-WOWW Forced To Shut Down Clothing Line [Radar]

JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Shut Down