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Kanye West Feels Like Lindsay Lohan Made It Impossible for Him to Do a Fashion Line

Celebrities just don’t have it fair. If they like fashion, the world thinks they’re posers trying to look trendy and leech publicity off fashion shows and designers. If they want to make a line, anyone with remote knowledge of the fashion industry assumes they just want to slap their name on something without doing any work or undergoing any schooling, and leech publicity off the people who actually designed it. And the Jersey Shore cast is just making this worse. Kanye West has had enough of it. He likes fashion. He sees the unisex in clothes where others might not. He goes to fashion shows. He pretend-interned at the Gap. He was inspired to return to music after watching Chanel’s seamstresses’ tireless devotion to their craft and Karl Lagerfeld. And he can’t get his fabled Pastelle line off the ground because someone ruined things for him.

[Kanye] called Lindsay Lohan’s Ungaro collection for s/s 2010, the ‘9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. After that, I thought, “Well I can’t do a line now”.’

Oh, but why, Kanye? Someone with your kind of vision and gumption in the neck chain department can do anything he wants!

When asked how his long-rumoured own clothing range Pastelle was going, West repeated the Lohan jibe, ‘Did you not see the Lindsay/Ungaro collection?’

’There are so many ups and downs, hurts and pains in fashion. It’s extremely frustrating, because I do have opinions on colour palettes and fabrics, but do I have the time to pick out every belt buckle?

’I don’t have 20 years of fashion experience, and my father wasn’t a tailor able to train me. The only way it would work was if I sat next to a designer.’

Sing it, sister! You go.


Kanye West Feels Like Lindsay Lohan Made It Impossible for Him to Do a Fashion Line