The Line to Shop Uniqlo’s New +J Collection Is Over an Hour Wait [Updated]

When we stopped by for a mayhem status check at Uniqlo on Broadway in Soho this afternoon, the wait was over an hour to access the new +J collection, which went on sale at eight o’clock this morning in its own special section of the store. A saleslady at the front of the line assured us that “everything” was still available, but was then accosted by an angry shopper demanding the wool military coat in a size extra-small. “The salesperson said you didn’t have any more, but then another one said that you did!” she said, brandishing the garment in a different size. “But then she disappeared and I can’t find her!” The saleslady, who was powerless to leave her post as line bouncer, sympathetically explained that she was also disappointed in the small shipments but that many sizes would be replenished as soon as tomorrow.

On the plus side, the line was inside the store rather than on the Broadway sidewalk, and everyone standing around seemed perfectly cheerful to be there instead of wherever they usually are at noon on a Thursday. During the 45 minutes we waited, we saw only two people jump ship and leave their spot. Meanwhile, plenty of customers wandered in to buy normal Uniqlo stuff and stared at everyone in the queue like they were insane, which we believe they are most definitely not. Last night we got to play with the merchandise at a +J preview event, and the quality and cut were fantastic. Our favorite items are the down jackets, wool coats, and the white shirt with the detachable ruffles that may remind you of the puffy shirt in Seinfeld.

According to Racked, lines for the dressing rooms inside the +J section are running about fifteen people deep, but luckily most of the clothing is outerwear that doesn’t require disrobing to try on. When we left after hanging out in the store for 45 minutes, the line was the same length as when we arrived.

Update: An email from Uniqlo says that today’s strongest sellers have been (surprise) the puffer and wool coats for women and the slim fit tuxedo jackets in wool and cashmere for men. So if you were planning to buy those, hurry up and get in line! Or wait a week until they get another shipment.

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The Line to Shop Uniqlo’s New +J Collection Is Over an Hour Wait [Updated]