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Looking Like Anna Dello Russo Is Not a Comfortable Experience

Anna Dello Russo wore one of the best, most striking outfits at French Vogue’s masked ball earlier this month. This isn’t an easy thing to do at the most fashionable event of the year, but ADR is one of the most fashionable women of our time so she owes everyone something extra-crazy. However, she must sacrifice herself for her people to pull off such looks, since being so good at wearing clothes is hard, physical labor. She explained to Nowness:

The pieces [a custom white ball gown with train by Peter Dundas; a Gareth Pugh feathered headpiece] were unique. Nobody else has them. Haute couture. Also, I loved that I was in white and everybody else was in black. I like to surprise people–when people expect something I like to do the opposite. When thinking about balls, you are thinking about things you would never be allowed to wear; something exaggerated. I like impossible outfits… A headpiece; a huge train; high wedges. When I came back after the Vogue ball I had a headache because the outfit was so heavy on my head.

Garance Doré wrote at the time, “She is amazing … But she can’t really move. So we make a circle of friendship around her. We bring her something to drink and make conversation … ” Instead of worrying about her toppling over, presumably — her driver did that.

How do you even get around wearing something like that?
In the car, leaning in the back seat. Someone helped me — my driver!

But moments like these are where her daily three hours of swimming and yoga really pay off. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

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Looking Like Anna Dello Russo Is Not a Comfortable Experience