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More Women Are Buying Nude-Colored Underwear These Days

Despite this whole underwear-as-outerwear trend — which necessitates wearing undies that not only look nice for the person(s) who sees you getting undressed, but also for everyone at the dinner table, on the sidewalk, or in the office if you work at one of those sorts of jobs — more people are buying flesh-toned lingerie. A British study found that 72 percent of women choose nude or flesh-toned underwear instead of black, white, and fancy colors or prints when they go shopping, and U.K. store Debenhams says that skin-colored underwear sales are up 38 percent this year. So why nude, and why now? Why would women want to wear a bra the color of a Band-Aid, unless they’re wearing a white shirt of questionable opacity? Because of Eva Mendes and Katy Perry, according to the Daily Mail.

It seems celebrities may be responsible for the change in the nation’s taste in lingerie — with Hollywood siren Eva Mendes revealing recently that she feels most sexy in ‘either nude or very basic underwear’ and pop starlet Katy Perry choosing a simple nude bra and knickers above sexy lace to wear on the front of Rolling Stone magazine.

Katy Perry’s Rolling Stone ensemble is definitely more of dusty rose than nude, but no matter; there’s no way she picked it out herself, since there’s not a piece of fruit or candy in sight. Anyway, there’s more: The Daily Mail interviewed a psychologist named Donna Dawson who did a poll and discovered that all these nude-undie-loving women also have certain personality traits:

Dawson said: ‘A nude or flesh-coloured bra denotes a personality that is natural, easy-going, down-to-earth and transparent. This woman is relaxed, with nothing to hide.’

Nothing to hide besides their bra lines, that is.

Are you a willing learner? Colour of woman’s underwear reveals what sort of lover she is [Daily Mail UK]

More Women Are Buying Nude-Colored Underwear These Days