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Naomi Campbell’s Gas Station Fur Ads Are Out

Over the summer, scintillating images emerged of Naomi Campbell leaning seductively against gas pumps with shocking bald patches glaring through her mane. The model was posing in fur vests and coats for the fall Dennis Basso campaign, the final images for which are out! And it must be what women who buy $30,000-to-$60,000 fur pieces want to see: a hot lady in a bra, fur slung about her elbows, pumping her own gas.

Photo: Dennis Basso

Then rubbing, with utmost sex appeal, her fur-clad back against the gas dispensers, and helping herself to a cold beverage that sadly does not appear to be an orange mocha frappuccino — unless what she’s holding is windshield-wiper fluid, and she’s more car-savvy than we thought. See, fur buyers can be frugal, do-it-yourself-ers in These Times. They can pump their gas and scrimp on tops so that they can invest in fancy outerwear. Hopefully she doesn’t smoke cigarettes, because if any gas got on these shaggy things it sure wouldn’t take long for them to burst entirely into flames. But that only adds to the intrigue here.

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Naomi Campbell’s Gas Station Fur Ads Are Out