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Rumors: Stefano Pilati’s Fate at YSL Uncertain

Rumors about Yves Saint Laurent replacing Stefano Pilati have been around for some time, but apparently they’ve picked up steam again in Paris. Godfrey Deeny writes in Fashion Wire Daily:

However, it was ironic on exiting such a powerful show to recall that Paris has been flooded by rumors that Pilati’s position is under threat, and that headhunters have been actively interviewing potential replacements, which says something for the nervousness of the times. For, in effect, Pilati just underwent a very public test of his talent, which he passed with flying colors.

In a season where roughly one three designers in New York and in Europe made some reference to YSL, Pilati’s was unquestionably the best interpretation. It’s a strange way to fight for your job, but these are strange, and straightening, times in fashion.

Pilati has been rumored to be heading to Armani in the past.

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Rumors: Stefano Pilati’s Fate at YSL Uncertain