Sea of Shoes Is Selling Her Clothes at What Goes Around Comes Around Tonight


Jane and Judy Aldridge (the mother-daughter duo behind Sea of Shoes and Atlantis Home) have paired up with What Goes Around Comes Around to sell some of their own vintage clothing alongside pieces they’ve pulled from the store’s archives. And while the Aldridges certainly have clothes to spare in their temperature-controlled garage turned closet, Jane is a bit reluctant to let go of certain extra-special pieces. “It’s like fostering puppies! I hope they go to a good home,” she said.

The Cut tagged along on their visit to the vintage mecca’s Jersey City warehouse this weekend, where Jane geeked out with the store’s photographer over his fancy wide-angle lens and Judy coaxed her daughter into posing in different hats. They then beelined straight for the fur and sparkles. “I think my mom and I went for the most over-the-top, opulent pieces,” Jane explained afterward. “I started working with a lot of gold at first, and a lot of Victorian brocade details.” While bigger is usually better for the Texans, they were also able to practice some restraint, at least by their standards: “I was going to pull that feather boa, but it was just too much of a commitment,” Judy explained. “Feather boas are a commitment!” Jane sighed. “You have to party if you wear one.”

Speaking of commitments, Jane has just obtained her Wildlife Importation License so that she can have exotic bugs shipped to her from Indonesia for the beetle belts and pendants that she makes. The design process also involves putting the bugs into an “insect relaxation chamber” so she can rearrange their limbs for optimum leg and antennae exposure.

And while Shoes shows no signs of slowing down, she confessed that she’s starting to feel the weight of her Internet age. “I feel like a grandma! I’m like Meemaw blogger. Susie Bubble must be like great-grandma — her blog is five years old.” Not old, vintage! Click ahead to see some of Jane and Judy’s picks, along with pieces from their own collection, which they will personally debut at What Goes Around Comes Around tonight.

Sea of Shoes Is Selling Her Clothes at What Goes Around Comes Around Tonight