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Whitney Port Confesses That The City Has Been Canceled

Whitney Port told Ryan Seacrest that the rumors about The City being canceled are true! Well, she couched the embarrassing confession with a “really,” but that’s the gist of it:

“As of right now it doesn’t really look like we’re doing it anymore,” said the 25-year-old fashion designer. When asked if it could possibly move from MTV to another network, Port said, “No, at this point it’s not.”

This is good for some people and organizations, bad for others.

People This News Is Good For:
Elle magazine as a whole, which will no longer look silly for fake-employing a socialite who does no work and lacks a basic understanding of how offices operate.
Elle editor Robbie Myers, who is infinitely more awesome, professional, and talented than MTV would allow her to look.
The publishing industry, which no longer has The City going around as a “real-life model” of how the business is run. City myths, like the one in which magazine websites have “faces” appointed through a series of arbitrary contests and announced in staff meetings to applause and fanfare, can now be busted.

Olivia Palermo, who now has the chance to position herself as someone much more likable than her character and who can actually enunciate her words in the presence of other people.
Joe Zee, who can concentrate on his new Sundance show, which sounds fun, interesting, and full of hope! Instead of just dramatic, tacky, and full of fake hope.
• Lauren Conrad, who is returning to MTV with a show about her fashion business, or whatever sort of clothing venture she’s scraping together. Now she has no leggy blondes to compete with for tween worship.

People This News Is Bad For:
• Whitney Port, who is now without a weekly nationally televised time slot, and will have to keep herself famous in other ways. “I’m working on some other things,” Port told Seacrest. “It’s okay, one door closes and another opens.” Yeah, but what are the odds what lies behind it will be as sweet? Endorsement deals are supposed to be a side dish to fame, not the entrée.
• Olivia Palermo, who will have to find a way to get the exposure needed to position herself as someone much more likable than her character.
• Roxy Olin, who wanted to be an actress, and was amusing in her shredded-pants capacity on the show.
• Erin Kaplan, who looked like a serious badass for telling Olivia how it was every week. Can MTV just give her a spinoff?

We’ve left one important contingency off this list: YOU, the people. Where do you fall? Tell us why in those boxes down there.

It’s Official: Whitney Port Says ‘The City’ Is Canceled [AUDIO] [Ryan Seacrest]

Whitney Port Confesses That The City Has Been Canceled