Will Halloween Be the Thing That Finally Puts Jersey Shore–Themed Parties and Other Stuff to Rest?

Even things as wonderful as Jersey Shore get tired. But when will the nation’s citizens reach that point of oversaturation in which they don’t find jokes about fist-pumping and GTL funny, and don’t want to go to Jersey Shore–themed parties or partake in Jersey Shore–themed anything, aside from watching the show quietly at home? November 1 just might be that day, since this Halloween, Jersey Shore characters have, according to a 6,000-person poll, surpassed Lady Gaga as the “No. 1 Halloween costume chosen by young adults ages 18 to 24,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

MTV has created a line of Shore costumes in the likenesses of Snooki, Pauly D, and “the Situation” in an attempt to profit even more off the show. The real-life people will receive an undisclosed cut of all sales of their costumes, which shops can’t even keep on the shelves.

In a pinch, they’re finding that they can put together a pretty good Snooki kit with skin bronzer, furry pink slippers, and one of last year’s unsold Amy Winehouse wigs, imitating the troubled singer’s beehive do.

Jersey Shore-themed Halloween parties have swept college campuses and young adult festivities. Party invitations often call for hair gel, spray tans and bikinis. Italian food, spiked punch and temporary tattoos are suggested by several websites advising viewers how to host a Jersey Shore party.

Oh, researching how to throw a Jersey Shore–themed party must not take the fun out of it at all. That’s the beauty of the Internet: Someone’s always there to remind you not to forget the baked ziti milkshake cocktails! But the scariest part of the Shore Halloween-costume explosion, though random 31-year-old lawyers in Texas see them as an “escape,” is that they’re bound to make this Halloween sluttier than ever.

In an effort to make the Jersey Shore costumes as realistic as possible, Viacom Inc. executives scrutinized the length of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s skirt—very short — and the height of her poof wig — very high — to ensure the utmost accuracy. The Snooki costume includes a metallic leopard-print dress that is barely longer than a shirt.

“When you look at what Snooki wears on the show, sometimes there are some wardrobe malfunctions because of how short she likes her dresses,” says Sherice Torres, senior vice president for MTV Networks Global Home Entertainment and Adult Brand Licensing. “We needed the costume to be representative.”

Snooki is pretty much the new Playboy Bunny. How does that make us feel?

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Will Halloween Be the Thing That Finally Puts Jersey Shore–Themed Parties and Other Stuff to Rest?