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Alleged Tom Ford Quote: ‘I Don’t Want Big Fat Guys Like You in My Shop’

Italian investor and photographer Jean Pigozzi mostly wears brightly colored patterned shirts, often under a dark blazer with likewise inoffensive pants. The tops might have acid-green stripes, Easter-egg-colored spots, solar systems, Coke bottles, playing cards, or any other manner of inanimate mundane object. Standing at six foot four, size XXL, this is a whole lot of pattern for one article of clothing. One day, Pigozzi decided to shop at Tom Ford, where you will find shirts and suits splattered with no such imagery.

Pigozzi relates to Ingrid Sischy in Vanity Fair’s December issue that he told Ford after visiting his men’s store, “Tom, I went to your shop. I couldn’t buy a handkerchief. Tom said, ‘You know why? I don’t want big fat guys like you in my shop’

Maybe Ford’s purported distaste for the man also has something to do with Pigozzi inserting himself into the fashion business with his new store in the meatpacking district called Limoland, where you can buy Pigozzi’s favored patterned tops. “I think he’s making a mistake because big guys like me have the money,” Pigozzi says. So maybe he can charge Ford prices.

Tom Ford tells Jean Pigozzi he’s too fat for his store [Page Six/NYP]

Alleged Tom Ford Quote: ‘I Don’t Want Big Fat Guys Like You in My Shop’