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André Leon Talley Eats All His Meals at the Same Diner in White Plains

According to a profile piece that the Post ran this morning, André Leon Talley takes almost all of his meals at the City Limits Diner in White Plains, which is near his home in Westchester. It’s not uncommon for him to eat there, usually alone, for three meals a day, seven days a week, says chef Peter Assue. However, he can sometimes be a “demanding” customer:

He doesn’t like to be interrupted mid-chew, and especially not by Republicans, Assue says. And if Talley wants lunch before the kitchen is ready, well, the kitchen staff had better get moving. “It’ll be 11 a.m. and he says, ‘Get me the chef here right now. I need to have roast chicken!’” Assue says.

Despite his many solitary meal hours, Talley has reportedly made some of his best friends during lunchtime. Kim Moore, a 50-year-old painter from Winnetka, Illinois, met Talley four years ago at the lunch counter at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. “We ended up sitting together for two hours at the lunch counter talking about life, and we became such good friends,” said Moore, who now exchanges around ten e-mails with him daily and consults him about all sartorial matters. “He’ll get mad at me if I buy something he doesn’t like,” she says. “Because he has such a pure eye, he can’t handle it.”

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André Leon Talley Eats All His Meals at the Same Diner in White Plains