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Andy Spade to Help Spruce Up Lucky

Lucky’s new editor, Brandon Holley, has hired Kate Spade and Jack Spade co-founder Andy Spade to help redesign the magazine. Spade, who has never worked on a print magazine, has helped J.Crew spiff up its men’s offerings and recently worked with AOL. Holley doesn’t plan to completely make over the magazine but rather to liven it up. “I almost worked with Andy on Jane [magazine] and I’m a fan of his work,” she said.

Holley doesn’t plan to redesign the logo, but will add new photographers and exciting new fonts:

Spade said it’s too soon to point to any specific changes yet (everything will be revealed in the March issue), but he’s working to make the magazine more relevant. “I want to take this thing into the future,” he said. “Just update it and make it look really fresh and cool.”

Finally! That is exactly what that magazine has needed for years, as you can see by this October cover.


Andy Spade to Help Spruce Up Lucky