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Cathy Horyn Is Fascinated by Tim Lincecum’s Hair and Brian Wilson’s Beard

Cathy Horyn is “not a baseball fan, not at all,” she writes on her blog. But the sport itself aside, she has found enough amusement in San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum’s long flowing locks and fellow Giants pitcher Brian Wilson’s “dense black face rug” to warrant some analysis on her blog:

The fact is the Beard has a style and shape all its own. Call it local or homegrown or a Cal rogue tradition — whatever. There’s nothing put-on about Mr. Wilson’s look. My thoughts scrolled, naturally, to people in fashion (Tom Ford, are you up to the Wilson face challenge?) and the temptation to embrace and dismiss beards as an old hipster thing. But if you can grow a beard and mustache like Wilson’s, wouldn’t you? Baseball players generally seem such stock apple pie figures; maybe that’s why Wilson and Lincecum look so completely liberated.

Maybe that look of liberation also has something to do with, oh, just winning the World Series.

Horyn also offered her thoughts on Election Night style, deciding that Republican congresswoman-elect Kristi Noem, a cattle-rancher mom from South Dakota, “has a good natural look, despite (or because?) of the fact her pantsuits sort of hang on her lanky frame.” She adds that after looking her up on YouTube “strictly from the style perspective” (oh, Cathy), she concluded that Noem is “tough — perfect for a French Vogue stylist with a rack of Isabel Marant clothes.” But, like Tom Ford walking out the door with a Lincecum beard, “That will never happen.”

Politics and Baseball: Where the Wild Things Are [On the Runway/NYT]

Cathy Horyn Is Fascinated by Tim Lincecum’s Hair and Brian Wilson’s Beard