FIT Warns Students of Lone Bedbug Attacker

This afternoon FIT administration sent out an email to students and staff warning that a single bedbug was identified in classroom D614. The invader was then imprisoned in a plastic bag. FIT has assured the community that they have everything under control. The email:

To the FIT Community

Yesterday afternoon, an insect—suspected of being a bed bug—was found in room D614. FIT employees responded quickly, capturing the bug in a plastic bag. The exterminator, who was called and arrived on campus within the hour, confirmed that the insect was a bed bug. He thoroughly inspected the classroom, found no evidence of other bugs in the area and declared the space safe to occupy.

As a precaution, FIT has authorized the exterminator to visit the campus daily for the remainder of the week to check for evidence of bedbugs in D614 or adjacent spaces. If other bugs are found, they will be exterminated immediately and fabrics and clothing stored in the areas will be cleaned in accordance with the recommended procedures for this problem.

The exterminator pointed out that bed bugs bit at night when people are at rest. Therefore it is unlikely that a bed bug will bite a person in an active classroom.

As you know, bedbugs have become common in New York City, appearing in chic department stores, movie theatres, and all kinds of living spaces. Please be assured that the FIT administration will continue to monitor this particular situation and will respond quickly if additional bugs are found in any of our buildings.

The D building is where many of the art and photography classes are, an FIT student tells us, so much of the clothes and fabric the bedbugs would enjoy nesting in are (hopefully) safely stowed in other buildings on campus where most of the fashion design classes take place. Mass hysteria, the student says, has not yet ensued. Then again, this person says many students routinely ignore emails from administration because they send many pointless ones so often.

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FIT Warns Students of Lone Bedbug Attacker