dash indeed

How Kanye West Got Stuck in the Crazed Crowd of Tween Girls at the Kardashians’ Dash Opening

Because we are brave and wholeheartedly committed to bringing you the latest in breaking, important, major news, we went to the opening party for the Kardashians’ Dash boutique in Soho last night — along with over 100 die-hard, slightly crazed tweens. Only family and friends were invited inside the actual store, but a little red carpet was laid out on Spring Street so that the Kardashians could make a proper arrival. Police had fenced off the sidewalks in every direction about fifteen feet from the red-carpet area and fans were straining against the barriers well in advance of the girls’ arrival, camera phones ready.

The crowd went insane when a black SUV pulled up and the lights in the car went on revealing Kardashians Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney with her baby daddy Scott Disick. Just as the girls were being ushered out of the car, the crowd behind us pushed down the barriers holding them back and stormed the red carpet in a move that would have made Louis XVI cower. Screaming girls, some boys shouting “Khloe, over here,” and about a zillion camera phones were pressed up against the gate at the end of the red-carpet area — right next to where we were standing, suddenly fearing for our safety. We watched Scott duck into the store right away, but the sisters worked it for the photographers until sirens started blaring and police officers were shouting “Turn off the lights, cameras away, everyone needs to leave,” and the girls were whisked into the store.

We, however, were left outside, where a mini-riot was unfolding. We heard more shouting behind us and were just thinking those damn fans need to relax when we turned and saw the source of the shouts was Kanye West, crying “Hey! Hey!,” desperate for someone to pay him attention. He stood at the front of the barrier right in the middle of the crowd of screaming girls, who clearly had not yet recognized him. Caught up in the fracas, we stared at him for a good five seconds before we realized it was the Man himself, but it wasn’t until security guards grabbed him and started pushing him around the fence that the girls were able to momentarily recover from their Kardashian-induced blindness and start throwing themselves at Kanye instead.

Security guards finally shepherded Kanye into Dash, where he stayed for a solid ten minutes among luminaries like Lorenzo Martone, before facing the crowd again and escaping to his waiting car. We were half-lifted, half-thrown off the red carpet and onto Spring Street where a man was being handcuffed for pushing a cop and girls were continuing to scream for the Kardashians while police were trying to physically remove them from the scene. Inside the store, E! cameras were clearly visible, filming it all.

How Kanye West Got Stuck in the Crazed Crowd of Tween Girls at the Kardashians’ Dash Opening