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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Launching a Lifestyle Line for Kohl’s

Jennifer Lopez, who has been absent from the apparel business since quietly closing her label Sweetface in 2009, is appearing today at a press conference with her husband, Marc Anthony, to announce their partnership with Kohl’s. The deal is rumored to include men’s and women’s clothing as well as homewares and is expected to generate up to $3 billion in sales.

Lopez is not new to the clothing industry: She launched the Sweetface Fashion Company in 2001 with the help of Andy Hilfiger (Tommy’s brother), which eventually featured jewelry, fragrances, and shoes, as well as a higher-end line called JustSweet, which unleashed flashy getups like cashmere hot pants and sparkly purple beanie hats upon New York Fashion Week in 2005. Interestingly, both Andy and Tommy Hilfiger have their fingers in the pie of the current Kohl’s venture, serving as partners in the deal’s branding development along with Bernt Ullman, the former president of Phat Fashions. Before closing in 2008, JustSweet’s clientele were largely concentrated in the former Soviet Bloc, with seventeen freestanding stores in Russia. By the end of 2009, both Lopez and Sweetface cut ties with all their apparel lines on the hush, presumably because they were shopping around for someone like Kohl’s to deal with instead.

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Launching a Lifestyle Line for Kohl’s