Let the Kate Middleton Wedding-Dress Speculation Begin

Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally engaged, the media has a whole season and a half to speculate about what her wedding dress will look like and which lucky designer will get the enormous pressure of creating it. The British press currently thinks that Kate will wear something by the label Issa, which is designed by Brazilian Daniella Helayel, who is based in London. But is a dress by a Brazilian based in London British enough for the first royal wedding since Charles and Diana?

Who knows. But we do know that Kate, who is 29, really likes Issa’s jersey and cotton-printed dresses. We also know that although Kate spends lots of time on romantic yacht vacations or atop fancy Swiss mountains or at upper-crust polo matches, she is not a flashy person. She eschews Real Housewife style — Vueve spilling out of a Judith Leiber parrot purse, cleavage puckering out from a bright red lycra dress — for the understated look perennially favored by old money: jeans and boots, maybe with a tailored jacket, and a modest shoe. (Although it must be noted that she can really work a fascinator.)

That may change. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Middleton’s outfits as the Big Day draws near, and there will be more fashion pressure on her. As longtime royal reporter Judy Wade says:

“I don’t think anyone could be prepared for what’s going to happen now. Kate thinks she’s prepared, but from now on, when she goes out in public, there will be chaotic madness … From now on, it’s life with the royals.”

Kate likes to keep out of the public eye and thus is not photographed much. But the pictures we’ve assembled from the past couple years do give an idea of what England can expect from its new princess.

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Let the Kate Middleton Wedding-Dress Speculation Begin