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Rachel Zoe Denies Pregnancy, and Brad Goreski Dresses Up As Tavi, at Lanvin’s Halloween Party

“No,” Rachel Zoe said when we asked if she was pregnant on Friday night at Lanvin’s Halloween Soirée in the Madison Avenue store. Zoe, who we didn’t see drink any alcohol at the fête, isn’t that into Halloween, personally. “This is so last-minute,” she said of her outfit. “I don’t have makeup on my face. I’m on a plane back to L.A. to go to one of my friends’ parties, and it’s going to be whatever I pull out of my closet.” She used to dress up, though: “My husband’s favorite, which I was every year for like four years in a row — I just dressed up like a French maid.” Her ex-employee Brad Goreski, however, was putting a lot of effort into his costumes. “I’m Tavi tonight,” he told us, referring to the 14-year-old fashion blogger. “I’m wearing a mix of Louis Vuitton, Topshop and H&M.”

Though Goreski looked pretty spectacular Friday night, he assured us his Saturday-night look would be better. He planned to dress up as Anna Dello Russo, wearing a “feather skirt, lurex top, oversize blazer, diamante-encrusted ankle boots, gorgeous headdress, flawless makeup, and wig,” he said. Would he do his own makeup? “No! I’m having it professionally done. I’m not fucking around!” Goreski said that after news broke that he had left Rachel Zoe Inc. opportunities came his way, but he wouldn’t cite any specific projects. “I’m not really limiting myself to anything. I wanna, you know, be available to do high-end editorials, commercial work, lifestyle shoots, whatever. It’s all about building my book, and getting my kind of style out there and seeing how it goes,” he said.

Despite reports that Goreski and Zoe have been feuding, the two chatted genially in the crowded venue, decorated with metallic confetti and colorful balloons attached to silk ribbons. The duo greeted each other and briefly talked about weekend plans and what Halloween parties to attend, while Rachel lamented having worked a twelve-hour day “designing,” though no details identified the design project.

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, whose H&M line launches this month, attended in costume. “My assistant at the studio made it for me a few hours before I left,” he explained. “Because I had nothing, and I decided it would be nice to do something. It was her decision.” His best costume? “When I was 10 years old I was a piano. It was my mother who made it for me.” Elbaz was keen to discuss Halloween and what makes a great party — “Only the people. The people. Love.” — but not much else. When we asked what he thought of curvy models on the runway, he replied, “I don’t think tonight is the night to ask me questions like that.”

Rachel Zoe Denies Pregnancy, and Brad Goreski Dresses Up As Tavi, at Lanvin’s Halloween Party