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Rachel Zoe Spotted Touching Her Apparently Protruding Belly!

Rachel Zoe has repeatedly denied persistent reports that she’s some months pregnant. However, the problem with that is that even if you’re as tiny as Rachel Zoe, the bump will burst forth from the torso eventually, as so many likewise skinny models have proved. And eventually that bump will reach a point so round that not even Zoe’s favored tentlike caftans will hide it. Well, she may have reached that point, if pictures taken of Zoe at a benefit over the weekend in a roomy black gown are to be believed.

Reports E! News:

Every now and then when she posed and moved, the dress would brush against her tummy and it appeared that her belly seemed to be bumpin’ under the dress.

When asked why she chose the dress, she said, “Comfortable. Easy.” Later, she was spotted placing her hand on her belly. There was a visible bump.

It seems unlikely that the fleshy mound on her stomach would be the result of one too many lounging-around-the-house-on-Sunday-with-nothing-to-do-but-eat-in-front-of-the-television snacks.

Bananas! Rachel Zoe Belly Bump Exposed?! [E! Online via Fashionologie]

Rachel Zoe Spotted Touching Her Apparently Protruding Belly!