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Sarah Jessica Parker ‘In Tears’ Over Executive Shuffle at Halston

Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker is of a generation that does not read books by Kelly Cutrone that advise crying outside of workplace buildings. Not like she needs career advice, either, because she’s a hugely successful actress and was appointed president of Halston Heritage at the beginning of this year because … why not! Yet Parker was reportedly in tears at her Halston offices the other day, where she says she often works a 15.5-hour day, when she found out that CEO Bonnie Takhar had been pushed out of the label. “Parker was in the middle of the office, in tears, when she finally heard that Bonnie was going,” a source told the Post.

A source told us, “Sarah and Bonnie had a meeting on Friday in Halston’s offices to discuss problems with the latest collection. Sarah has been a strong supporter of Bonnie for a very long time, and has been the sole voice supporting her against the board and shareholders. She has been fighting this for a very long time. She believed in Bonnie. She was emotional and upset because this finally came to a head.

Harvey Weinstein, a key member of the label’s board, said in a statement that “Sarah Jessica is a huge supporter of Bonnie’s, but it was time to change direction. It was the rest of the board that made the decision.” SJP can save women of America from the mistake of marrying without a diamond, but she can’t always save her friends in the office. Oh, when real life happens to celebrities!

Sarah Jessica Parker in tears after ouster of Halston CEO Bonnie Takhar [NYP]

Sarah Jessica Parker ‘In Tears’ Over Executive Shuffle at Halston