Soho Alliance: ‘The Kardashians Are Attempting to Bring All That Is Wrong With Los Angeles to Soho, as Well as to Their Fans’

The opening night chaos at the store.

Last week, when the Kardashians’ Dash boutique opened in Soho, the crowd became so crazed at the prospect of a Kardashian in the flesh that the subsequent riot resulted in arrests, and even Kanye West’s luminousness failed to shine through the chaos. Soho residents are not happy with the havoc wrought on their neighborhood by the Kardashians’ venture.

Sean Sweeney, director of the Soho Alliance, said, “I think it is reprehensible that they would tweet their fans to purposely create this zoo on our streets. They’re lucky no one was injured nor property destroyed. The arrests for disorderly conduct illustrate that the neighbors’ complaints were well-founded.

“The Kardashians are attempting to bring all that is wrong with Los Angeles to Soho, as well as to their fans — a generation of classless, tasteless, and clueless sheep,” Sweeney fumed.

Mary Anne Cartelli, a resident of a building located across Spring Street from the Dash boutique, has promised to investigate whether the Kardashians have all the permits needed for filming a reality show in the store, fearful of further mayhem television crews and appearances by the Kardashians could cause. She explained her opening-night experience:

“The noise was deafening. My husband feared for our glass front door as people were pressed up against it. Several people in our building independently called 311. When the situation became clearly out of control, practically a riot of crazed fans, I called 911 and asked for crowd control as I was concerned someone would get hurt. After the police arrived … several arrests were made for disorderly conduct.

But a Dash sales associate said that measures had been taken to keep crowds from bursting through the glass should the “sporadic” filming cause another riot.

“That’s why we have that little blocker by the window,” she noted.

And hey, the hype could very easily die down if fans continue to walk away disappointed, like 26-year-old Genet Nulugetta, who visited from Toronto:

“I’d expect to see them — I mean, it’s their store,” she said. “I’d expect one of them to be here.”

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Soho Alliance: ‘The Kardashians Are Attempting to Bring All That Is Wrong With Los Angeles to Soho, as Well as to Their Fans’