Women Now Crazed for Huge Princess Sapphire Rings of Their Own

Our in-boxes have already started filling with “how to get Kate Middleton’s look” press releases — oh, the glamour of blogging — covering everything from imitations of her coats to her jewelry. The publicists are obviously onto something since lots of American woman want their left ring finger to look like, and probably also weigh as much as, Kate’s, which now bears the heavy delight of an eighteen-carat sapphire encircled by fourteen diamonds, all formerly owned by Princess Diana. The sapphire alone would cost customers around $300,000, while a replica of the whole ring would probably go for a modest $500,000. New York’s Natural Sapphire Co. is already working extra-hard to fill orders for replicas.

“I called my wife and said, ‘Honey, I’m not coming home tonight!’ ” said Michael Arnstein, the CEO of the jewelry company. “We’re in a frenzy. This is changing our business overnight.”

Whatever Michelle Obama can do for the clothing business, Middleton can surely do, too, if not make companies even more money. She’s already started a craze for sapphires — maybe she can start a craze for long-sleeved blue dresses or even, just maybe, blue jeans.

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Women Now Crazed for Huge Princess Sapphire Rings of Their Own