You Might Have a Shot at Hosting Kate Middleton’s Coat Designer in Your Home

Kate in a Katherine Hooker jacket.

Katherine Hooker is a coat designer based in London who makes tailored coats and jackets described by today’s Telegraph as a fusion of “vintage East Coast prep with contemporary English style.” She sells her wares out of a shop on Ashburnham Road in London and in stores like William Evans and Johnstons of Elgin. Her modest business is about to expand, however, thanks to future princess Kate Middleton, a known fan of her stuff who has been photographed in it a few times over the course of her eight-year relationship with Prince William. The royal family and royal wedding currently being of utmost interest in this country — top billing on the Today show, in fact, which probably made everyone late to work this morning — it’s high time for Hooker to capitalize on our nation’s obsession.

Hooker has sold her coats in the U.S. in private trunk shows, whereby she finds a lady to host her in her home for a day or two and invite some friends over to look at her samples and (hopefully) place orders. In fact, Hooker just made a tour around the U.S. last month. And even visited New York! Where Upper West Side resident Patricia Beilman is probably kicking herself, since the trunk show that was to take place in her home around October 20 was canceled. But more ladies might have more chances to host these festive shopping events with the woman whose coats royal arms have been around, since she just hired ex–Ralph Lauren assistant designer Karimah Gottschalck to work on expanding U.S. business. Gottschalck, the Telegraph reports, will work on maintaining and developing those sales. So you people with the sorts of apartments trunk shows would take place in just might be able to have Hooker over to your house! To sell her things to your friends! Good luck getting through to her to set that up now that she’s worldwide famous.

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You Might Have a Shot at Hosting Kate Middleton’s Coat Designer in Your Home