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Behold: Sally Singer’s First T Issue

For her debut issue at the helm of T, Sally Singer put Mick Jagger on the cover, explaining that the magazine is less fashion-focused now: “Not everyone who gets T is a devout follower of fashion,” she told WWD. Even though it’s the magazine’s holiday issue, a title that’s usually an excuse for jam-packing a publication full of products to buy while raking in advertising dollars, Singer will not be a slave to such inanities.

“If one were to strip out those elements of T that you find new or noncommercial, then what are you left with? You’re just left with stuff,” she said, pronouncing “stuff” with some disdain…”It just becomes a catalogue. Who wants that? You flip through it and you’re done. When I do a magazine, I want people to live with it.”

Not that this means there won’t be any “stuff” or other fluffy things in the magazine, because that would sure be dry.

“There are an awful lot of extremely pretty people in it and lots of wonderful things to buy and cook,” she said. “There is lots of fun in it.”

Oh, phew. And speaking of fun, she spoke about how photographer Max Vadukul and features director Jacob Brown had to stalk Julian Assange around England and Sweden, paparazzi-style, to get a picture for T’s article about WikiLeaks: “Max and Jacob chased him — well, not chased him, but followed him throughout Europe,” she said. In what’s surely a blow to Assange’s ego, she assured that his blow-off wasn’t that big a deal, since the piece was more about WikiLeaks than about Assange himself.

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Behold: Sally Singer’s First T Issue