Breaking: Kate Middleton Is Going to the Gym

Radar has allegedly unearthed what Kate Middleton is doing in the gym to prepare for her wedding to Prince William, taking place Friday, April 29.

After seeing miraculous results three years ago when she lost weight and toned up to row across the English Channel, the 28-year-old brunette beauty is back on the rower, burning up to 500 calories an hour and shaping those all important back and arm muscles.

The 5’10 beauty has upped her daily hour-long gym workouts, which include cycling, jogging and light weights to ensure she keeps her 120lb body in shape.

Radar also claims Middleton will go skiing with her Prince, where she could burn as much as 2,000 calories a day, or what would probably be more than her typical daily caloric intake. As Jezebel points out, it’s unclear how they know her height and weight or her exercise regimen. But obviously she’s going to the gym — she’ll be the most photographed and scrutinized bride since Diana, probably, and any woman would work to look as attractive as possible (by today’s standards, at least) in that position. If you can believe it, she also gets her hair done too, according to Us Weekly:

“Kate is always perfectly manicured, and she will have blow-dries before she goes out,” says Katie Nicholl, royal watcher and author of William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls. She adds that Middleton and William, also 28, likely got their teeth whitened in advance of their engagement announcement.

Well. This is unexpected and shocking news.

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Breaking: Kate Middleton Is Going to the Gym