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Daphne Guinness Is Making Costumes for a Film She’s In

Daphne Guinness told New York she makes her own clothes, but never that she would make her own line. And why bother? She needs neither the money, exposure, attention, nor things to do, really, unlike other fashion-inclined celebrities. “I’ve got such a backlog of projects I want to do, and it is an undertaking,” she told the magazine. Apparently, those include a film, she recently told Grazia Daily:

‘I often if not always customise my pieces, and I have several different people working on my sketches. It just depends where on the planet I happen to be. I can work a sewing machine but I am not fast so that I leave to others. I started doing this from the age of 5 as since I am tiny nothing fit.

…’I am making costumes for a film I am in the middle of shooting and I like to wear them in so I am comfortable. Anyway, a long and boring story, but I have probably made about 100 pieces. I have no production and they are figments of my imagination made real. Hope this helps - Daphne’

No further details on the film are provided, so it shall remain, much like Daphne, pretty mysterious. Grazia also dug up old footage from one of the best documentary fashion films ever, all about rich women who buy couture — including Daphne — and what they do with it. In Daphne’s segment, she talks a little bit about how she customizes her clothes:

Also do enjoy our Video Look Book with her from last year, in which she talks about how the proportions in her God-knows-how-high heels have to be customized until they’re just right:

Daphne Guinness is a secret fashion designer! [Grazia Daily]
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Daphne Guinness Is Making Costumes for a Film She’s In