Here Is a Really Disturbing Story About Online Shopping is a website run by Vitaly Borker that purports to sell luxury eyewear. If you think the site, pictured here, looks too creepy and shady to shop from, the authorities would give credence to your suspicions! Also known as “Tony Russo” and “Stanley Bolds,” the 34-year-old Borker was arrested at his home in Brooklyn yesterday for allegedly fraudulently selling counterfeit and inferior quality goods, making unauthorized charges, and being generally totally creepy.

The complaint, which was filed in the Southern District of New York, said that when Borker’s customers complained about products they received, he allegedly retaliated with obscenities and threats of violence. In one instance, Borker, who has been the owner and operator of the Web site since 2007, repeatedly harassed a customer on the telephone and through e-mail, after she disputed a charge on her credit card upon receiving “defective,” “counterfeit” glasses, court papers said. He then allegedly sent an e-mail to that customer, which included her personal information and a photograph of him outside of her home. About a week later, Borker informed the customer via e-mail to “close the dispute with the credit card company if you know what is good for you.”

“Do the right thing and everyone goes away. I AM WATCHING YOU!” the message said.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said that over 200 complains have been filed regarding Borker faces up to twenty years in prison for his charges, which include cyberstalking, making interstate threats, mail fraud, and wire fraud. But perhaps the most puzzling thing about this case is why someone would pay, say, $174.99 on Calvin Klein shades to a site that looks as bad and strange as this one, also sells contact lenses, and newly functions as a pawn shop. Seems like just the place to submit credit-card and identification information.

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Here Is a Really Disturbing Story About Online Shopping