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Lady Gaga Bought Stuff at a Preppy Clothing Store in Paris Today

As we enter a new year, it’s good to know that some things never change. Like Lady Gaga, who can be counted on to go out in near-freezing temperatures wearing a completely weather-inadequate outfit when most celebrities are hiding indoors, privately dieting their way toward rapidly approaching awards season. Here you see Gaga coming out of the Bruce Field store in Paris, wearing a nude thong over her fishnets. Bruce Field sells preppy, reasonably priced clothing and is currently having a blowout sale including these €10 khakis. “She bought a number of things,” a store employee told People.

Among the items a still-pantless Gaga and an assistant brought up from the downstairs try-on area and piled onto the shop’s counter, an eyewitness says, “were pants and a lot of scarves. Most everything in purple.” Did she buy pants? “I can’t tell you,” the shop employee says. “I can tell you she stayed about 20 minutes and when she left there were some 30 photographers-and loads of fans-outside. It’s been a most unusual afternoon.”

And a most slow news week. But she is still so interesting in a not-at-all-interesting way!

Lady Gaga: Pantless in Paris [StyleWatch/People]

Lady Gaga Bought Stuff at a Preppy Clothing Store in Paris Today