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Check Out the First Video for Alexander McQueen’s Revamped McQ Collection

The new online marketing campaign for Alexander McQueen’s revamped McQ line debuted today with a website that will air videos of young British women wearing McQ clothes. The first clip features Charlotte Benson, a model from London with a white-blonde pixie haircut who lends somewhat nonsensical insights about love and travel while meandering down a garbage-cluttered sidewalk, unwrapping sticks of butter, and transforming fire into cupcakes. Meanwhile, the clothes themselves look great and seem to be everything Sarah Burton promised about the new McQ line: Benson wears a flared minidress embellished with zippers, vertically striped bumster pants, and jacket with oversize crisscrossed lacing up the front.

McQ’s new head designer, Pina Ferlisi, has also announced that the line will expand to feature jewelry, bags, and shoes next year. As we previously reported, the relaunched line will be 25 percent cheaper than it has been under its licensing agreement with SINV SpA for the past five years, but just because it’ll be a bit less pricey doesn’t mean it’ll be cheap, or God forbid, easy to find. “There’s a lot of disposable fashion around, and McQ will certainly not feel like that — it will be precious. There will even be limited-edition small runs of pieces, maybe as few as ten of a style,” said Ferlisi. The clothes won’t drop for a few more months, but you can bet we’ll be seeing a lot more videos like this one in the meantime.

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Check Out the First Video for Alexander McQueen’s Revamped McQ Collection