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Tom Ford Enjoys Kissing Terry Richardson and Watching Straight Porn

Tom Ford has always enjoyed talking about sex and naked people. Lately every article about him in fashion magazines seems to have the same formula: him talking about how he refuses to bend over for the Internet and release images from his fashion show right after it walks; him talking about the celebrities in the show and how gorgeous and real they are; and maybe him talking about nudity or sex. Now it’s Harper’s Bazaar’s turn to do the Tom Ford story, and their interview includes more sex stuff than some of the other recent stories, starting with what he thinks is sexy:

One of fashion’s sex gods was disillusioned with what many were considering sexy. It’s a disconnect that affects him greatly. “Do you want to know what I think is sexy or what the current state of sexy is?” he asks. What’s easier for him to describe is what he thinks is unsexy, yet prevalent, today: “Women have turned themselves into these bubble-butted, grapefruit-titted, bloated-mouthed cyberbitches. I’m just not into that.”

Ford’s ideal is a softer beauty, a calmer sexy. “I think the 1970s will always be the decade for me. Obviously, I grew up in that era, but the beauty standard was touchable, kissable.”

What’s kissable? Well, Terry Richardson, for one.

To celebrate his return to fashion, Ford spent last fall collaborating on a series of fashion shoots, one with (the extremely heterosexual) photographer Terry Richardson, who just happens to share Ford’s affection for the sorts of ‘70s wrap dresses that breasts may easily fall out of. “I did a shoot with Terry, and we were shooting a girl and a guy kissing in the sunset with a windmill in the background. Terry and I decided to do a kissing shot, so we kissed and kissed and kissed. And Terry is such a soft, sweet kisser. That’s what I think is sexy now.” Really? Soft kissing with Terry Richardson? “Soft kissing with anyone. There’s an anger to everything in our culture right now. And I’m sort of ready for a kind of sweetness and a softness to things.”

Lest we think Ford is losing his provocateur touch, however, he does offer, “I watch straight porn all the time. If I go on my computer, there’s a button that can connect me to all the sites I look at most often, and they’re all porn—and 1stdibs.com. Porn and antiques!”

Sounds about right. We already know he’s not using the Internet to look at clothes.

TOM FORD: THE SEQUEL [Harper’s Bazaar]

Tom Ford Enjoys Kissing Terry Richardson and Watching Straight Porn