Hey, Fashion, Watch Out for the FOOD

Fashion is in a tricky place right now. The industry is struggling to emerge from the recession, the new decade’s defining fashions are finding their footing, and many of us may be destined to look like sloppy messes when we attempt to wear, and then stain, our all-white spring outfits, many of which aren’t that exciting to begin with. But something darker has been lurking for too long in the shadows cast on catering tables, striving to be trendy, after being forlorn and not only forgotten about, but rejected for so long: the food. Chocolate fashion shows proliferate, Lady Gaga’s meat dress still gets talked about like it was the most astonishing thing ever to happen to a cow, and even Barneys is making food items the supporting models in its catalogue. Chocolate-dress maker Joelle Mahoney knows firsthand the trouble with her medium:

“Try to keep the chocolate away from the armpit area,” advises Ms. Mahoney, a self-described “chocolate artist.”

Tasteful Attire: Designers Whip Up a Buffet of Fashion Out of Food [WSJ]


Hey, Fashion, Watch Out for the FOOD