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Model Jessica White Got a Reality Show on Oxygen

If television needs anything, it’s a good reality show about models. Not something contrived in which models compete with each other for a prize that might not get them anywhere anyway, but something contrived about the lives of those who have already succeeded, and ideally their agents, who, as we saw in Vh1’s now-defunct The Agency, might just be batshit insane. Model Jessica White has just the background to deliver that kind of show in her new reality venture for the Oxygen network. She’s emerging from a breakup with Sean Penn and an arrest, which “Page Six” salivated over, for getting into a fight with a woman outside a nightclub in Chelsea (where she was celebrating being single again).”The show is based on her life and some of her colorful friends, almost like ‘Entourage,’ ” her lawyer tells “Page Six.”

Oxygen didn’t get back to us, but sources said White’s arrest hasn’t hurt her modeling career — “in fact, she seems to be getting more work,” one said.

And now the network doesn’t have to spin off Bad Girls Club.

Jessica gets real [Page Six/NYP]

Model Jessica White Got a Reality Show on Oxygen