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Aziz Ansari: Baby Fashionista

Parks and Recreation’s Aziz Ansari gave us an exclusive last night at Waris Ahluwalia’s party at the Wooly: Ansari is branching out from acting and hip-hop into the cutthroat world of baby fashion:

You seem like a pretty versatile guy. Do you think you’ll break into the fashion business this week?
I’m the head designer for Baby Gap. We have a really exciting line. A few of our babies are running around. They’re dressed in really cool stuff. You’ll see them around. You’ve gotta look down, but they’re around. They’ve been drinking a lot. They’ve been drinking so much. We’re really embarrassed about it … These babies, they get to an open bar, they just crawl up, and they just start taking shots.

What’s it like planning a fashion show populated by babies?
It’s so tough because they just shit all over the runway, don’t matter what you do. Shit is everywhere, and it’s really tough to control.

That sounds challenging, but it must be rewarding in a certain way.
You know, they walk out there, and you have a baby that walks out wearing a really tiny T-shirt and really tiny shorts, and it doesn’t shit itself, and there’s just such a sense of pride you can’t describe.

After Baby Gap, who do you want to collaborate with?
I’m trying to work on a formal line for Tommy Bahama called Thomas Bahama.

And who’s the target audience?
Guys that are at the beach that have to go to formal events.

Aziz Ansari: Baby Fashionista