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Critics Swoon Over Fendi’s Furs, Grapple With Prada’s Girlishness

The critics were largely impressed with the showing on the Milan runways, from the vivid color palette at Gucci to Jil Sander’s risky silhouettes.

• “The last few Fendi collections have seen Mr. Lagerfeld at his best, offering a level of fashion that is sophisticated and subtle… To be sure, a Fendi fur is an expensive rarity. But no less rare is the sensibility.” [NYT]

• “A highly conceptual yet thoroughly chic collection…the look had tremendous elan…there was a surrealist quality to this show, where the combinations of unexpected materials had a hallucinatory effect.” [Fashion Wire Daily]

• “[T]his was one of Fendi’s strongest showings yet, in an escalating series of convincing fashion performances…From prim to pagan and back again, there was an emotional arc here that even the ever-matter-of-fact Lagerfeld couldn’t deny.” [Style.com]

• “Though one expects spectacular [furs] from the house of Fendi, this lineup nevertheless amazed…Feminine and practical? Chez Fendi, absolutely.” [WWD]

• “Individually, each piece was remarkable only in its high quality - but together the look was confidence itself…There was a playfulness to the show…The last look was austere with a suggestion of letting loose: a Lagerfeld woman to a tee.” [Vogue UK]

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Critics Swoon Over Fendi’s Furs, Grapple With Prada’s Girlishness